OK...Tetra Tint question....


9 Years
May 13, 2010
I know they're supposed to be Americauna x "something white" (probably leghorn.) My question is...does anyone have pics of their FULL GROWN Tetra Tints?I would love to see what they end up like...and I heard two colors of eggs...brown and creamy colored. Any ideas?
There's no such thing as "Americaunas"
- They're likely Easter Eggers, but last I heard, Tetra Tints are just brown colored hybrids, much like golden Sex-Links.
Actually they are light yellow with white wings growing in and no apparent beards....I was hoping they were EE's. I want EE'S
but I keep getting told the wrong thing at TSC.... My Buff Brahmas are Light not Buff...they didn't have the GLW's marked properly and had like 4-5 different options of what they could be on there...except GLW! Guess I need to brush up on my chick knowledge.....so I can tell them what they're selling!
With most feed stores, you can tell them until you're blue in the face and it won't do any good. Our feed store has half a clue about birds but they still give people the wrong info.
It's so frustrating...I mean,wouldn't you think they'd want to know so they didn't feel dumb when you come in to buy one thing...and you recognize the voice from the phone so you KNOW it's the same person you talked to...and they were totally wrong??
I was at Tractor Supply Today and purchased 17 Speckled Sussex's. The had a cage with Tera Tint's in it and the employee asked me if I new what they were. I told her I had never heard of them. When I got home I looked it up on google and all I could find was that they are a hybrid bred just for Tractor Supply that have high egg production and low food intake. So why are the employees asking me if I know what they are? I am thinking of going to get some just to see what they turn out to be.
id love to see a picture too.I have 3 but they are just 2 weeks or so,all i know is that they are white
I'll have to keep posting pics as they grow....and pics of the eggs they lay.The TSC employee told me they are supposed to lay blue/green eggs but research tells me a cream color? We'll see
Sorry...responded to this but it never posted....
They are supposed to be Americauna x with a White Leghorn that lay a blue/green egg.Research tells me cream colored egg but we'll see.My camera broke,so I need to get a new one.As soon as I do I'll post pics and keep posting throughout their growing.I'll also try to post pics of their eggs...provided I have hens...I don't know if they are sex-linked or not.

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