OK the Meaties are in the freezer now - now what?


12 Years
Dec 6, 2007
I butchered 20 meaties the past week and today. Everything went as planned. Now I am preparing for my own strain of birds for meaties.
A Dark Cornish rooster over Barred Rock Hens. I hope to keep it going wtih a new hatch ever few months.

So here's the question.... I housed the 20 meaties in a partially covered run that was about 20xX16. I manage the waste by applying layers of hay and lime. Not that the run is empty, should I cover it all with hydrated lime (Heavy cover). Then leave it to leach? Or should I take the roto tiller to it and then apply the lime. I plan to shovel it out later after it dries up.

Would it compost ok on the ground as it is? or should i shovel it up to compost. I don't want to offend the neighbors and the odor has been strong with the wet weather we have had.

Any suggestions on how to handle the odor from the waster and prepare for the next batch?

Thanks for your help!
See if you can get a bag of "Sweet PDZ" from your feed store. I've been reading about it -- said to be a lot better than lime for odor control. I went to the local feed store on Friday and wanted to pick one up -- the guy that runs it said it's really great, but unfortunately they were out until they get a new shipment this week. Sounds like it would be worth a try.

If you till the area, that would incorporate everything into the soil and would probably cut way down on the odor.

I'd be cautious about putting too much lime -- it will eventually accumulate to the point that it causes problems -- lime and water eventually equal calcium hydroxide, which is form of lye, and it could burn the feet of a future batch.
I've been checking that stuff out and was wondering if it was something that you could possibly put under the pine bedding in the meatbird coop to help absorb some of the moister and smell from these stinkin' little buggers.
Especially beings they don't tend to pick and scratch like regular chickens. I may have to give it a try.

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