OK... These guy(gals) are supposed to be GLW.....


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These Chickens are supposed to be purebred Gold Laced Wyandottes...

My suspicions were peaked when my sole surviving hen from our first, massacred, flock of GLW chicks. The larger chicken in the first pic is laying blue/green eggs, which apparently means she is not a Pure GLW...
Now that I was suspicious, I began checking out all the birds in the newest flock, that I received from the same place (Meyer Hatchery). My guess from my research is they are Easter Eggers mixed with Gold Laced Wyandottes, because they are "Similar" in their markings, although they are so different at the same time....

The "Survivor" hen (in front) that is laying now. (Very Sweet and pretty girl!)

Note the Green/Blue legs

More Green/Blue legs (Also very pretty)

And the final pair of Green/Blue legged hens

Now the rest of the flock, all look very similar to each other, minus the one in the background (green/blue leg)

I also have questions about my "GLW" Roos.... Will post later....
I am afraid you may be correct. There seems to be EE in their lineage.
I also see a roo in the last pic neat the middle of the pic.
I do think you have some that are pure but there is IMO EE in some of the others.
I am sorry.

Now I wonder if I should cancel my Meyer order. I have Spangled Hamburgs, Apenzeller Spitzhaubens and Columbian Wyandottes on order.

Wonder what I will get.
Not sure where to direct you on cancel/keeping your order, but the first one pictured is from an entirely separate order(about 3 month apart) I wish I could say I was more pleased because their prices are good and the Broilers I got from them were amazing, with only a couple losses and no leg issues (which is exceptional for Broilers). On the other hand I really do like the EE eggs but I planned on breeding Pure GLW to sell (no one in my area has them). It looks like I need to cull one Roo(if he turns out to be a Roo in fact)

Not sure how to advise you, but I now have my suspicions on the "pureness" of their Pure-breeds....
Can you call them and ask what can be done to rectify the order?

I think I will still get mine. DH says he does not care so long as they lay eggs.

Edited to add:
I am sure you would not be the only one to have that issue.
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If it were just about eggs I wouldn't care less but only for the purposes of breeding do I really care. We have a flock of Mutts that are just for eggs and my DWs enjoyment. So, I will call them and see what they are willing to do and I will post the results.
wow, I mean, I knew hatcheries could be irresponsible about the way they label their birds (think EE vs real purebred Ameraucana) but this is pretty bad. I would be calling too
eaither that or they are very very very poor quilty. try sending them pics and see what they say about them and then go from there.
No, not PQ at all. TRY, not pure at all. A few are GLW, but the rest are mutts. BUT, you gotta love that you got an EE to lay you a blue green egg. Makes for a colorful basket. I personally love mutts. BUT if I ordered GLW and only a few out of them were, then I think I would be pretty ticked off.
Wow. I would definitely call the hatchery and send them these pictures.

I'm not a person who's interested in APA SOP breeder-quality birds (I'm very much pro-hatchery myself), but "Survivor" and pic #3 are OBVIOUS crossbreds, not to mention the birds with green and blue legs.

Those ARE very pretty birds, and I'm sure they'll make great backyard layers, but a hatchery should NEVER sell birds like "Survivor" and pic #3 as purebred Golden Laced Wyandottes, when they're so obviously mutts.

Personally, I'm fine with my hatchery Wyandottes having poor lacing and single combs, so long as they're great layers of brown eggs and resemble a Wyandotte. But with your birds... I'd ask the hatchery for at least a partial refund.

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