Ok This Idiot Needs Deworming Dosage help!!

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    Ok, guys this is my first stab at worming chickens. I am so blasted confused and since I suck at Math I am in a bind.

    I just purchased Safeguard for goats..... I know to kill all worms I need to dose at 3-5 days. But how much??? I have 3 Barred Rock Hens, 3 EE pullets (4-5 monthd) and 2 EE staggs (4-5 months).

    I havent seen any worms that I am aware of, but I need to get on a worming schedule.

    Thanks for any help!
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    3cc per gallon in the flocks water, make a fresh batch of it daily and do this for 3-5 days.

    Another good schedule to get on is preventing and treating for lice/mites, I recommend Ivermectin Pour-On (for cattle).
    You simply apply it to the skin on the back of their neck (like a dog/cats flea topical flea prevention).
    Dosage is approx. 5 drops for typical LF breeds such as Plymouth rocks, 4 drops if they are younger or smaller(it appears your girls are still young). Bantams dosage is 2-3 drops depending on their size. Re dose after 14 days to kill the parasites offspring.

    A syringe without a needle makes dosing the chickens a lot easier
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