OK to eat first eggs from our hens?


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Sep 28, 2009
I've heard that we should not eat the first eggs from our hens, for 3 weeks. We have been examining these first eggs, and can't see any difference from store-bought...

By the way, we can't exactly tell which of the 3 ladies is producing, and they are no't responsive to interrogation. :cool: So how do I know when the 3 weeks is up...?

We are always stoked to eat the first eggs from the girls. The crib midget gets his very own little egg made from them each time. He is so excited when he gathers them and they are the small new ones.
My DH, as country as they come and raised around chickens his whole life, initially refused to eat my pullet's eggs. Something passed down to him from his mom and grandmom.
He started eating them when I refused to buy any store bought eggs when I had a whole frig. full of eggs from my own birds.
He got over it and he's still alive.
I decided to keep hens this spring, and just started scabbing things together while they range around the property... A family member bought a book when they started raising hens, and this book (which one, I don't know...) said not to eat the first eggs.

Now we've got eggs, and I wanna eat 'em !
They're just fine to eat, we ate ours. The author obviously has had a head injury!
I believe the concern stems from feeding chicks medicated feed up until they start to lay. The medicated feed isn't approved for food use. Even so most people wouldn't have a problem but people who have problems with sulfur compounds might.
Yes you can eat the first eggs. I haven't eaten the first eggs from our hens yet only because I'm still waiting for them.
We ate our first eggs- they were delicious! Dark orange yolks- perfect in every way. Since I only have one hen that is laying so far, the only waiting I did- was waiting until I had enough to make breakfast. She has laid 12 eggs to date- and they were all delicious- every single one

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