OK to fly? (pics)


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Mar 15, 2008
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We're enjoying our adorable new additions (16 chicks - one week old). I'm amazed at how quickly they grow and change! They are starting to get their wing feathers, and are trying to fly everywhere! (so cute!)

My question: should I assume that they know what they can and can't do as far as flying? Should I let them fly to the top of the brooder when the lid is off? (cardboard box - 15 inches high, on the floor)

I've read some other posts where people describe the chicks roosting on their shoulders. That sounds adorable! and our chicks seem to want to do that (especially when the kids - 5 yr & 9 yr - hold them), but I've always discouraged it because I was afraid they might get hurt if they fall off.

This newbie appreciates all the great advice here in this forum! We couldn't do it without all of you!


Edited to add pictures

Here are some pictures of them trying to fly (I can't get a picture of them sitting calmly!)

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I love the first pic! Anyway. Mine started to fly to the top of the brooder. Its fine. They will get the guts to fly out of it soon so be careful. I had chicken poo all over my bedroom floor


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Jun 20, 2007
Our 9 baby chicks range from 1-3 wks old. They are in a cardboard box that is just over 2 feet high. It is funny to hear them "jump" & then "slide" down the sides as they try to fly. Some make it up on top of their waterer & feeder so I'll be putting a roost stick in there for them. I just take a long stick, poke a hole in the cardboard about 6" up, then poke it through the opposite side of the box. This seems to tame their wanting to fly OUT of the box.

Last year, our first time w/ chicks, we had 4. I spoiled them rotten & was so hesitant to let them out. One day, my husband went out to check them & they were all roosting on the top edge of the cardboard box. They were probably about 8 wks old & he said "Danielle, I REALLY think the chickens are ready to be out on their own full time now...." So, I gave in.


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Jan 14, 2008
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I have 8-6 week olds out in a heated coop that is attached to my work shop. There is a window in a common wall 5' off the coop floor. There is also a roost at the same height. Never seen a bird on the top roost so I left the window open. I entered the barn the other day and there where 3 chickens on the work bench. Fly they will, when ready. I had to put a screen on the window to keep them out. They found the baggie I keep the oat meal in for treats and it was all gone. They where smiling from ear to ear. John


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Mar 28, 2007
you need to keep the top on your brooder.because youll walk in 1 day an have chickies flying an running all over the house.they are just to cute trying out their baby wingletts.

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