ok to go outside now?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by aran, May 23, 2007.

  1. aran

    aran Songster

    Apr 28, 2007
    rochester ny
    Hi guys...my chicks are now 3.5weeks old and are trying to fly around the room when they are out of the brooder. I have a run and coop basically finished ( will have it all done this weekend) and was thinking of putting them outside next week. They have already been outside a couple of times for and hour or so each time to run around in the run. They are really feathering up pretty nicely and I think given the temp in the brooder is about 70-75 during the day and probably as low as 65 at night that they would be ok outside by now. The temps for next week will be in the low 70s during the day and about 50-60 overnight. I can always put a heat lamp in the coop at night.

    what do you think?
  2. Blondie

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    They are ready to go out!! It's warm enough for them-maybe a heat lamp at night for a few nights.

    They'll be fine and you will see that they will grow really fast once they have a taste of the outside world. [​IMG]
  3. iopele

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    Apr 13, 2007
    Yes, I agree, they're ready! Laughing at the thought of chickens flying all over your house--bet the family loves that, LOL. Make sure to post pics of them in their new digs!
  4. aran

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    Apr 28, 2007
    rochester ny
    i think we have the camera working now just have to find the cord to connect it to the computer... Cool , then I will paint the coop inside tomorrow with the waterproofer ( clear deck stain) then let it air out until saturday morning with all the doors/windows open, then put them in saturday am and watch the carnage!

    Yeah my son loves them all flying around and jumping on his head etc.

    Thanks for the advice guys I will get pics up as QUICK as possible.
  5. aran

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    Apr 28, 2007
    rochester ny
    today I cut 20 vent holes ( 1inch round each) in the top of the coop under the overhang of the roof...They have a plexiglass window ( 16x16 inc) and 6 nesting boxes ( yeah i know its month before any eggs but anyway they are ready when the chickens are). The coop is 8x6x4 and has a 10x10 run attached to it. All i need to finish is the hinge on the "chicken door" and then paint it and we are all finished.

    SOOOOO awesome!

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