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Oct 25, 2014
I have two pekin's I hatched a few weeks ago. They are about 4 weeks, and are under a heat lamp in a brooder. Temperatures at night have been in the high 20's, and day time temperatures have been in the low to mid 60's. Can they safely be left outside without a heat lamp? Can I put them with my older pekin's right away or will they need time to get used to each other like chickens?


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Sep 24, 2015
I have been putting my Pekin ducklings outside for increasing amounts of time but always supervised. It's been in the 69's during the day and at 4 weeks I leave them out for a few hours.

That said, let the ducklings talk to you. If they go out and huddle in a big pile maybe it's too cold, if some are playing some are napping some are swimming and some are foraging then they are telling you they are happy. I don't leave them unsupervised except for a few minutes at a time or if they are sleeping under a tree. I'm more protective because we have some ponds and I'm worried they will get in and would not be able to get out but they are getting better about that.

Let them out and watch there behavior, only they can tell you what feels safe and food to them.


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I would not yet.

At four weeks, they need to be kept at least (90 minus 4 x 5 = 70F) 70F. The risk of hypothermia and pneumonia is too great.

And there are only two of them.

Generally, it's best to wait till the littles are as tall as the adults and then introduce slowly and carefully.
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