ok to mix 10 day olds with 2 day olds?


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Jun 8, 2010
I just got 2 chicks yesterday so today they are about 4-5 day old chickies. I wanted to get a silkie or a old english game chick but those arent available at the feed store until next week. Would it be ok to mix them in or would that not be good. And would 3 chickens be bad together? I heard somewhere if we only have 3 chickens 2 of them will gang up on the one. Any advice? Thank you!

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It should be fine. I always mix ages of chicks, and have done so successfully up to a 4 week difference, though the rule of thumb that I was taught was that as long as they are within 3 weeks of each other, they should be fine!

eta: LOTS of people have 3 chickens, and yes, one of them will be at the bottom of the pecking order, but that is true if you have 3 or 33.
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