Ok to move outside?


Oct 5, 2018
Layton Utah
I have 7 chicks, 5 are in there sixth week and two are hitting the 6th week. I live in Utah and the temps will be right about 60 for the highs and the lows around 40 to mid 40. I have been aclimating them for about a week during the day and brining them in at night. They do look to be fully feathered so was doing some reading on when to leave them out and what they can take. I have read conflicting articles all over Google. Some say good to go at six weeks down into the 30s and others say 8 weeks so a little confused as to when to allow them to stay out 100% of the time. Here is a pick of what I have setup just for a little additional warmth and a couple of the group to show the feathering. FYI, I tested the heat lamp to ensure combustion would not happen.





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I would play it safe and not leave them without heat till 8 weeks. It got low 30's last night and my biggest 4+ week chick died in the brooder in the detached garage. I had a 250 watt lamp on them, but found her at the cold end. Too many cold nights in a row without proper heat. I don't think a space heater is going to cut it because the brooder sits on the concrete floor. I will probably bring them in at night for awhile.
Sorry about your Chick. Surprised that it did not stay under the heat like the rest of them. Two days this week it got down to freezing temps and I put them in our garage that is insulated to ensure their survival. For the next 10 days it is going to be mid 40s for the lows and mid 60s for the high. So, by the sounds of what everyone is saying they will easily be able to take that. I will leave the red heat lamp in a bit longer, it makes me and my wife feel a little better about it.
Ya, you would think she would be under the lamp, not as far as you can get from it. Only 4 chicks in the brooder, and they always snuggle, so she wasn't forced out. I may grab another lamp for night time so that can't happen again. There is insulation in the garage, so it isn't as cold as outside, but it probably gets chill in the early morning.

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