Ok to scramble old eggs to feed to chicks?

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    Feb 29, 2016
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    I have some old eggs that floated, can I scramble and feed to my chicks? They are 3+ weeks old and they get chick grit in addition to chick feed. I've given them veggie snack with great success, and I hate to toss old eggs if something else can safely eat it. TIA!

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    My opinion would be toss the eggs.
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    Actually, I'd probably eat the eggs myself. Always do the sniff test and see how they look when you crack them, but they're probably fine. Floaters just mean they're not fresh and have large air cells. I hard boil floaters all the time and they're fine.

    If an egg is really rotten, you'll smell it a mile away.

    If you crack it and the yolk looks off or is really runny or just nasty looking, don't eat it. But if it smells good and looks like a good egg, it's fine to eat.
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