ok to transport incubator by car, at day 20?

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    Hi there, we're incubating chicks for the first time, for my son's school project (we've raised many day olds and have our own flock so these will be well loved and cared for chicks). However the timing is tricky. Friday (when school closes for the weekend) is day 18, Monday, our next chance of taking the 'bator to school, is day 20. Here is the question: do we bring the eggs to school on Friday day 18, and 'lock down' the incubator then (fingers crossed the electrics don't go out over the weekend!!), or can we risk bringing them into school monday morning (which is day 20)? Either way, we will obviously drive super carefully and cushion the eggs in cloth or something so they don't roll around (school is 8 min away), but there will have to be some cooling of the incubator. Really appreciate advice - there's a lot of general stuff but most people don't end up having to transport eggs at this late stage!!
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    Hi, I personally would not transport my incubator any where on day 20 from day 18 at lockdown chicks are getting into position for pipping and then hatching and I wouldn't want to disturb them or open the incubator. Hope this helps and hopefully some one else will chip in with advice. Good luck with your hatch.

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