ok to vaccinate chick for Marek's after one day old

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by yomama, Sep 25, 2010.

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    I really want to get a few (2) silkies come next spring.(I will also be ordering other chicks of different breeds, at that time) I need to have chicks that are vaccinated for Marek's, as I have Marek's on my property. I order from My Pet Chicken, because I can get as few as 8 chicks, and they will be sexed as well. However, MPC does not vaccinate any bantams, including silkies, because they are too small. I know that Marek's vaccine needs to be administered at one day old, so that the chick has absolutley no exposure to the disease beforehand. I am wondering, if I order some silkie chicks, along with the other standard vaccinated chicks, and I order some Marek's vaccine, then vaccinate them as soon as I get them (they would be 2 - 3 days old), would that work?
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    I vaccinated my entire flock once, day old chicks, juvies and adults.

    No problems. Just be certain to do it right.
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    I've vaccinated hundreds of animals, (was a vet tech for 12 years), so I have no problem with doing it. I'm just wondering, is there any risks with vaccinating at 2 to 3 days old, as opposed to one day old? I do have Marek's on my property, but the chicks will be in the house for at least a month, before being put in an outside brooder. Also, does it matter if the Silkies are shipped with other chicks that have been vaccinated with Mareks? I've seen many different views in the (hours) of research I have done on this. Some saying that once vaccinated, the chick could now shed the virus, thus exposing the silkies. Others say that the vaccine can be a killed virus and that it is a strain from turkeys, therefore, the vaccinated chick can not shed the virus from getting the vaccine. This is so frustrating [​IMG]
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    If you get them from mypetchicken.com you can have them vaccinated for $1.00
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    Quote:Did you have a problem with Mareks? If so, did vaxing everyone help? I'm waiting on a report from the state Dept of Ag to see if that's what's killing my chickens, and, if so, my plan was to vax everyone. Would love to know how it worked out for you.
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    Quote:They won't vaccinate bantams, including Silkies
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    My Pet Chicken will not vaccinate the silkies they state that they are to small what do the silkie breeders do ? I have read that silkies as a breed are very suseptable to Mareks

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