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Iv got a light sussex hen sitting on 2 eggs, when i went in last night to put them all to bed she's moved nest boxes and she's moved her eggs how the hell has she done this as my nest boxes are 3ft of the floor. Has any one had this or can any one shed some light on how she's moved the eggs and is it norm for them to move boxes if there not happy with the one they where in?
100% sure no one can pull a prank like that, I'm the only one with the key to get in and I had the key all day with me at the metro centre and no one els can get in at all be cos of high fens and bushes around the alotmant. Im so confused
ok gone up to do some work at the garden and she's stopped sitting (the eggs are cold), so I'm scraching my head now to why she moved her eggs from box to box then stops sitting
Are you sure she is broody? A broody hen will cluck, puff up, and sit on a nest night and day and will only get up to eat or drink once or twice a day.

I have seen hens move eggs from one nest box to another. They use their beaks to cup around the egg and scoot them into the new nest.
yeh she defo was she even got agressive when i tryed to look under her to see how many she was sitting on and that was 2 days ago, she's sat night and day for the last 4 or 5 days i never sore her off the nest at all not even for food or drink.
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Yep, that's how they move eggs, under their "chins." Sounds like she thought about being broody and stopped. It happens and is normal, especially if they have never been broody before.

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