Ok, Which One of You Jokers Did It, Hmm????????


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We were putting the birds away. They'd rather go into the human door on the side than up the ramp into the pop door for some reason, so we usually close that and herd them in the side entrance. Today, Emily the black Rock, was missing from the head count so I left and went into the back pen to look for her, found her standing at the top of the ramp wondering why she was locked out.
I carry her around and through the human door, which has two barrel bolts, one horizontal and one at the top, vertical. We do all the stuff then start to leave. The door is locked... from the outside. How??? I'm thinking maybe the vertical one just fell down, but now we are stuck in a very hot coop with all the birds. The other human door is also locked. I don't have the phone in my pocket or I'd call a neighbor to get us out.

The big window in front of the roost has a hardware cloth screen on the inside that locks in place, but it is hinged at the top, doesn't open up all the way--hits the bottom rung of the roost. We open it as far as it will go, then DH squeezes through the 1' opening backward, the edge of the window cutting into his back. When he gets his bum out the open window, he twists around, falls out, and goes to see how on earth we got locked in. Somehow, and I didn't think this was possible, the horizontal barrel bolt closed as I closed the door behind me when taking Emily inside. How??? It doesn't even close freely! It's a bit sticky. So which one of you jokers locked us in the coop tonight?

This is the window DH was forced to squeeze through to rescue us. He couldn't have done it if he hadn't recently lost 20 pounds!

I promise, it wasn't me!
(Sorry Tom, but I sure wish Cynthia had had the camera....)
Glad you got out safely! I bet you carry your phone with ya now when you do the nightly lockdown, huh?

BTW, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that does a head count when closing up the coops.
One time I went out to the coop to count heads, and the door shut and locked behind me. I was wearing my underpants, sneakers and a teeshirt. i had no pants on, and it was like 10pm, and DH wasn't home, and the kids were in the people house, asleep... I ended up breaking the latch on the door to get out. I had terrifying visions of LIVING in the stinky coop for the rest of my life, and being forced to eat the chickens.... I was so relieved to get out!!! I am very glad that your husband rescued you!

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