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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I let my OEG BB Red hen get bred by my blue splash (presumably dutch) bantam rooster!! So far 2 chicks have hatched, and one of them is deffinitely blue!! Will most likely turn out to be a blue splash!

    I was thinking about trying to get some birds that look like standard OEG's, that are blue or blue splash. Is this possible, starting with this mix? What would I mix with the chick to get the bigger bird with the same coloring? Would it be worth the effort? My blue splash roo is evidently a dominant blue (all I know they might all be), Because almost all his chicks have been blue or blue splash. Some have red on them, from a red hen, and some are B&W, from a black dutch hen.
    I know all my blue splash bantam chicks sell like hotcakes. People can't get enough of them! I was thinking if I could get a blue splash game, that would sell pretty good too! Plus it would definitely be something different, to my knowledge.

    So what do you think?
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    Are you sure the rooster is a splash? Splash is the pure form of the blue gene. Therefore ALL of his offspring should be blues.. as in no blacks or "non-blues".

    Blues(as in solid blue) and splashes are blue over a solid black chicken. So to create the standard size bird in this color you would be best off acquiring something like black OEG as this would be the simplest route.

    Crosses with BBRed will produce 'leaky' blues, with off color(either white or red) on the hackles on the hens and also saddles on the roosters. If you don't like the leakiness, it will be a long term problem using chicks out of that hen. However if you cross the chicks together or over a BB Red, you will get some colors such as blue reds (like a BB Red except the black parts will be blue) or splash reds(kind of looks like red pyle),

    When I was much younger, we had blue in our game chickens, but in wheaten and BB Red patterns and I thought they were amongst the most prettiest chickens.

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