okay 5 days of Safeguard and still watery poop

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  1. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    All given the .23 per lb for SAfeguard for 5 nites in a row.
    But still runny watery all over the poop bd poop and on the floor splatters. I bet the Safegurd didnt remain In Baby Girls or Silver's and now Nonnie system
    I am putting newspaper on the floor over the rubber mats so I dont use so many Scotch towels to clean up the floor and walls It is getting old real fast....
    I asked Hubby to give collidal silver to the 3 today....
    Siiver is getting so skinny and she in a hard molt too.she not a festy as usual but still eats and runs some
    Baby Girl given Baytril liquid... acc to directions for 4 days twice a day .. It did her no good at all... Baby Girl eats but doent run unless I am trying to give her meds or something.....
    So I dont know what to try next. No eggs at all today and rarely get more than 3 lately
    OH I forgot there was a shelles egg in the nestbox today shell looked like it had been wring out... It was prob from BIG Sis who is over 2 yr old.
    Wish there was a home testing kit or a lab that would take specimens on walk in basis
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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    What are you giving Baytril for? Watery poop can be from drinking large amounts of water, but I had a hen who constantly did that year round and did not lay eggs. I wouldn't give too many medicines unless you know for sure what is wrong. Probiotics found in plain yogurt might be a good thing to follow up worming and Baytril, to get the gut bacteria back to normal. Cottage cheese is also good for probiotics and helping firm up droppings. If runny stools continue, you can try taking in a few fesh droppings to a vet for a fecal float. Unfortunately, with reproductive problems, there is not much that can be done. I have one that got roughed up a year ago by a dog, and since her recovery, she only lays a shell-less or thin shelled egg almost daily. Internal laying and egg yolk peritonitis are very common in backyard flocks, since we tend to keep our birds longer.
  3. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    becuase they(2 or 3 or more now) have runny all over the poop bd poo... with undigested stuff in it...
    I mean watery and lots of clear water in the poo. squirts out of them on to the wall and floors too.
    thats why. no eggs, molting, standing around.. some not going for say a little baked unadorned sweet potato..... also getting skinnier.
    Baytril didnt help the Safegurd did nothing......now giving collidal silver...
    also gave nothing extra..... no change same terrible terrible watery forcefully poo.....You can hear them when they poo its so bad.
    so not much left to try > TSC doesnt have any Corrid anymore always out. not een on their website

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