Okay here we go again..I have a chick pic included page 4

equine chick

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Feb 9, 2007
Volant Pa Lawrence County
I put my maran eggs off the turner that are due to hatch on the 2nd at 10pm Now I know it is now the 19th day and I candled and some movement in about 7 in the 19 I have . The other ones the eggs are so dark I cannot see a thing. They have been in there since about ten and the humitdity is about 78% and the temp at 101 with the lg still incubator. I can't wait til the new hovabator gets here.
I just took a look at them and I saw two rockin, no mistake on that one. At first I thought I was imagining things but they just did it again. There is no peeping, but I'm really hopeful. Please have the chicken gods smiling down on my maran chicks.
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im crossin my fingers for you !
Same here, due Apr.2 around 7pm...in hatcher around 10 this morning (19th day) I have 11 EE's but no one's rocking and no pipping yet. I hope that we have a great hatch!
My humidity is the same as yours and I have all vents open so it will slowly come down and I'll try to keep it at about 60.

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