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Dec 17, 2016
My Coop
My Coop
Hello Friends,

I hope everybody's doing well!
Brand new - news! So... I have my 4 Buff Brahma hens,
with my 1 Del/Dork rooster.

My Dad isn't really 'ready' for more chickens...
But, me? I am!! Never enough chickens!
Am I right?

I decided...To...I stuck an egg from their coop...
Under a broody hen in another flock...

Is this a good idea?
For all I know, that egg might not even be fertile!
Did the rooster mate the hen? I don't know.

Whatever happens happens, right?
I am not even sure we have enough room if needed to separate.

I really miss having the little baby chicks!
That is why I made the decision...

Okay! It might work!
I'll mark the egg and chart the days!

I might just be crazy but this could be fun!
Am I crazy? :D

-The Angry Hen

If the egg is fertile and she's a good mommy, it should work :) ... try to keep her overall egg count down to six or eight and of the chicks are born, keep an eye on everyone to watch out for bullying if you can not separate the mother and chicks from the rest of the flock!
Thank you!

Yes, she hasn't been a Mother before, but she is the sweetest in the flock! Chances are the only scary part is the others being mean.

I will make a backup plan just in case, like a coop in a coop. I ahve a few ideas floating in my busy brain!

Thank you for responding! I am glad my decision isn't TOO crazy! :rolleyes:

have a good night! :D
-The Angry Hen
Ow, I am sorry to here that.
I hated when a hen pecked the first hatched baby one time...

She lived luckily! The sad part was that the one who pecked her was the same breed as the mother.

-The Angry Hen
There are advantages of having vigorous maters.My roosters mate continuously and that is how many of my eggs I hatched last all were fertile,and I only ha done rooster.

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