Okay, how the heck did this happen?

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  1. Hubby and his father has became, how do I put it? rejected to each other. THey are mad as heck over a stupid station wagon that hubby was paying insurance on but his dad lets his sister use the car and not him.
    Well, for a few weeks things have been ugly between them. They barely talked and when they do, it always ends in a bad argument.

    Well now, his sister has finally moved out of DADDY"S house just this weekend and dad said that finally his blood pressure has gone down, headache is finally gone away, else else. He turned around and BAUGHT hubby a TRUCK! [​IMG]
    A nice Ford F350 with double tanks, gear shift, a cab big enough to fit almost all of us in (still have to find a vehicle to squeeze the new baby in or fix my VAN). He is even saying he is looking for the new transmission for my Van. Im like WHAT THE HECK?! How did this happen?!

    The guys have went from a BLOWN Gaskets to BEST of friends again. Im scratching my head RAW over this. FIL also picked up hubby today to take him to town to get some stuff for the kids and he even baught us some FOOD (which we are running low on until the 8th). He even told hubby that he has some side work for him that he can do that doesn't go over what the dr requirement so he can earn some money. He also said he is getting us a new fridge.

    Im not understanding how men are. They been fighting for MONTHS over the station wagon that is supposed to be given to hubby but still hasn't happened. Im not sure how these men work. First they are ranting over issues then all of the sudden they are "KISS AND MAKE UP" Not that Im not graceful but it's just plain WEIRD and CREEPY how they do that.

    Think it has to do with hubby's evil sister? Im beginning to think so.

    SCARY! [​IMG]
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    I'd be pretty shocked too!!!!

    In my experience, most guys don't hold grudges the way women do.

    I'd be picking my jaw up off the floor, but I wouldn't say anything. I *might* ask hubby privately, but I dunno. Sometimes it's best to just let sleeping dogs lie.
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    My dad got into a fight with his father when he was 19. They didn't speak for 50 years. Finally spoke just before granddad passed.

    Maybe be glad they got back together.

    Imp- And watch out for evil SIL. Carry Holy water or something. [​IMG]
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    In my experience from when I was married,,, if there is fight between hubby and FIL stay out of it. Don't side with anyone, don't comment just do the non-commital, hmmm,, oh,,, hmmm etc. It's like when your best friend breaks up with her boyfriend and you make a comment about how he was wrong or a jerk, whatever,, and then they get back together and you are the bad guy for saying anything against the other one. I just made sure I always had a contingency plan for when they blew up again, and they always did.
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  5. Quote:OF COURSE! That's one thing I have learned too. Do NOT get involved but still some topic gives you an eye riser cuz they just dont make sense. LOL
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    Hmmm sounds to me like the FIL was having to do things that he had no control over and the relationship between your hubby and the FIL was suffering greatly. The reason I say this is everything got okie dokie as soon as the sister was out of the picture. I am like some of the other posters here. I wouldn't say a dang word. Just smile, thank God and move on cause picking at that scab might just cause a major hemorrhage if ya know what I mean [​IMG]

    Edit: Trust me you will find out the WHOLE story in time...just sit tight and listen carefully.
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    ETA - I agree. I'll bet $$ that the SIL is involved in this drama!
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    OMG is your father in law my father in law? We havent spoken to him since June when we were at a HUGE car show and he kept letting his dog jump all over my sisters truck, I asked him VERY nicely to not let her do it, to which he went OFF on me cursing me and telling me that he would pay to paint the blankety blank blank blank thing. This in front our of 2 young daughters (8 and 3) and about 100 people. He stomped off with DH telling him to NEVER speak to his family like that. Well across the street they went and lo and behold that dang dog scratched a 40 THOUSAND dollar car! My FIL and MIL ran to their car and left. We have a show truck that was there in that show and I cant imagine how mad I would be if ours was scratched!

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