okay I can't take it any more

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  1. Okay I have had it! Our coop sucks and I want a new one.:mad:
    There now that I got that out of my system here is the thing.

    My husband was nice enough to put cement floor in our coop thsi past summer. Which is great and all, but now there is no way I can just build a new coop, he would flip. So any suggestions on what type of additions I should add would be great. I currently have a 7x5 coop and its just not working. It is attacted to a 12x12x6 high run that has their food water and the duck pond in and a 4 foot high by 40x40 fenced in bank. Pretty much I wanted to make them feel much like free ranged as I could and still keep them safe. I had 10 hens( lost all most all of them to a batch of bad food) and 4 ducks that refuse to sleep in the coop anyway. But I would like to have room for around 20 chickens and the 6 ducks.

    I would like to add some type of heat for the winter. We currently use a red light and this too is not working out for us. As well as a place for the ducks. Our nesting boxes work great but I just can't seem to get the roostign area right. Like I said any suggestions would be really really appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this
  2. Okay I forgot to mention that it is a walking coop. Pretty much like a small shed. I like to be able to walk in the coop and spend time with them. I want to make sure I keep that option.
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    Forgive my ignorance, but was the food feed or scraps? Just wondering since I am planning my first attempt of a coop this spring when the feed stores start stocking.
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    Some pics of inside your coop or a floorplan would help a lot.
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    Really need a picture!

    I hear you he worked so hard but just tell him this isn't working for me! [​IMG] ((this way it is nothing against him it is you))

    Maybe this coop will give you some ideas to add space


    it such a practical use of space (maybe you could do this with 2 stories)

    as for heat I use a regular white heat lamp on a timer ((goes on at 3am to 5pm))

    I close up the coop by 4pm so a certain amount of heat says in till 3am

    I did this more so my water doesn't freeze (because I have cold hardy breeds)
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  6. HI the feed was from our loca tractor supply store. I will only buy from the local mills now that make their own feed. It was a really hard thing to learn the hard way, saving a few bucks isn't always the best. I would love to supply pics but I can't figure out how to post them. [​IMG] sorry

    Pretty much you walk in the door and the layer boxes are in front of you to your left is wall to your right you have about three feet of walk way and then you have four foot or so of roosts. in the walk is my door way to my fence inclosed run.
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    Is there room to expand the existing structure?

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