Okay I think I've got the final design down

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    Apr 7, 2009
    So I've decided to do this design. I am putting my 4' x 6' hen house inside of my 12'x 8' chicken run. I am also putting in a 4' x 4' compost pile. I am going to do a large run with the coop inside so that way I can open the people door on the hen house and leave it open during warmer days to allow the hens more ventilation. Suggestions would eb greatly appriciated....

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    Great start!
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    Mar 27, 2009
    That looks like it will work well. DO you have one window? Will it be open for cross ventilation with the door? My 2 cents is to have at least one other window that opens to keep well ventilated. We got our windows out of a dumpster but recycle centers usually have good stuff. Will your compost be in the pen? I wasn't sure if you were going to stage it in there or not. Chickens do such great jobs at composting you may not need a separate area. It looks good from here! It's so exciting. Our greenhouse/chicken coop also known as the "palace" has its 4 sides up and we are putting the rafters up this weekend. YYaya.
    P.S. I don;t know if you have your wood yet but my DH got super deals on returns from Lowes. We have had to hardly buy anything at full price. The universe provides.
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