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Thing 1; Guess: (golden spangled hamburg w/ single comb (if that's possible)


Thing 2; Guess:(golden spangled hamburg with rose comb)


Dale; Guess: (golden campine) (CONFIRMED FEMALE 9/4/11)

Picture Removed
Golddigger; Guess: (Black Australorp)

Picture Removed
Chip; Guess: (Egyptian Fayoumi)

here are the birds they were hatchery choice and I have guesses on the breed but the sex is eluding me
on at least on 1 because I have no crowers but I do have fertile eggs and these are a few of the possible culprits.....

Any help on sex id or correction on breed guesses is welcomed thanks for your participation and help
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Black Aussie appears to be a pullet/hen
1 and 2 look like roos' to me
Golden campine looks like a pullet
The last one, I am unsure, I can't see the tail feathers
I'll get and post some better pictures, timing just happened right today caught an egg from the golden campine so I now know she's a she!
The last one is a girl for sure. As far as I know, only girls have that color. The corresponding males will have black breasts.
Thing 1 might be a roo. Would it be possible to get a better pic of the saddle feathers?

I think Thing 2 is a roo. Hard to tell without seeing his saddle feathers and tail.

I think you are right on all of your breed guesses except Chip. Could we get a side pic of Chip standing naturally? Leaning more towards a silver Phoenix or silver Leghorn on that one.

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