Okay mystery issue!! Need new ideas. Wry neck with leg issues that come and go.

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    Hi guys! I have a 5 month old silkie cockerel that about a month ago I found outside the coop with one leg forward. I brought him inside and started vitamins on him. With in a day his leg was back under him and he could stand. St the same time his legs began to improve, his neck started to turn. So I continued the poly vi sol, selenium, and and vitamin E oil. His neck got progressively worse, but then leveled out. He has never lost his appetite, and if I held him he could eat fine. I added colloidal silver, tumeric, and he was on 10 days of prednisone, which I tapered off. He is now on baby aspirin twice a day. I also added hypericum twice a day in case it was nerve related. He also gets B complex. The other night I decided to try a magnesium with zinc to see if that would help. Bingo! The next morning his head was significantly straighter. However his legs are both out front again. As of about 4 days ago, his legs went back out. Today our horse chiropractor came out to work on our gelding. She daoes all species and looked at the silkie for me. She found 2 vertebrae in his back that when she touched then, while I was holding him, legs hanging, he would cry and pull both legs up under him like a normal motion. She readjusted him and when I set him down, out came his legs. He is super strong. He can grip and kick and put pressure on them, but he cant stand. I am at a loss and have been working hard for at least a month now to help him. He has energy, and now rests in a towel shaped like a donut to hold him up. He can move his legs all over but wont hold them under himself. Just like the day I brought him in. Through speaking with other breeders and the chicken doctor, we have pretty much ruled out mareks. Because he improves and relapses and his symptoms dont match up. No respiratory issues either just for the record. Any ideas guys??????

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