okay now im curios what is the ups and downs?

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    okay my dad and i where teasing my mom by saying we might just get emus or ostriches.now i am serious (im not going to raise them in the near future) what are the ups and down with raising big birds, other than causing terror in the neighborhood?

  2. Ostriches have bad attitudes.. and not in a fun way.. an angry Ostrich can kill a person

    Emus are like giant puppy birds crossed with a horse who has short term memory loss... lol.. they forget they are supposed to obey rules and can spaz out at the drop of a hat.. they love shiny things.. a little too much (there is a thread here that shows the x-ray of an emu who indulged in eating bits of metal ...like screws).. if raised from a chick they can be very friendly and entertaining.. sometimes acting like a two year old with a sugar rush.

    both require good fences (tame emus can get by with shorter fences than ostriches)

    both require good nutrition

    there's more.. so hopefully some of the others who currently own adults can chime in

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