Okay...So has anyone ever eaten there chickens scratch?????


10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Washington State
Ha Ha so the other day me my SO and another friend were out hanging out with the ckickens (yes drinking some beer) and my SO grabbed a handful of chicken scratch and had a taste. Then our friend did the same! Before I know it I have to take the chicken scratch away from them or I think they would have started to turn into chickens

So the other day I was hanging out and I tried some!
OMG I was getting addicted like the chickens do and my SO was laughing at me saying be careful you'll get hooked! Sure enough I was!

Anyway it tastes really good if you put a little in your mouth and let it get soft! I am sure it isn't bad for you. I think I should put it in the bar for beer snacks.

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