okay so what are our choices?


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
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My Coop
like other than the pigeons which seem to be the best pets, and ring necks and diamond doves

are there any other easy to keep largish dove species that are hardy? I saw turtle doves very beautiful? are they easy to get and keep? what about wood pigeons?

I want to get birds again I jusut can't decide what.
i believe diamond doves would not do well in cold unless they had heat ringneck white and the mutations would be ok if provided with dry and draft free loft when you get into the more exoctic doves and pigeons they have more needs special feed and care so find some local breeders see what is aviable and the cost carl nather had a book on raiseing and keeping of dove and pigeons spelling of last name might be wrong but you might check with a local zoo

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