Okay, that's it I'm devastated, new chick is deformed

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by WRBH, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Williford, AR
    I did post part of this on the post about eggs that have been shipped being deformed, but unfortunatly there is more. On that post I mentioned my new chick, the one I was so proud of only had two and a half toes on each foot, is missing most of the toe on the outside, has just enough to balance with. Also mentioned it's beak was crooked. Well was taking a look at it again tonight and thought something about it's left eye didn't look right, besides the fact it was closed, then realize, was smaller then other eye, and lower on the face, is also sunken in, basically it only has 1 eye. Then noticed head looked lopesided, that was my last shock, that part of it's skull is gone, so head is soft there. Don't worry I didn't push. I'm going to tr a swap tonight, have a couple weekold chicks, the other egg is hatching tonight, early as well. Going to try and pull a switch with the 2 week old ones. I have a few in an incubator due thurs as well, so can put all 4 of them together and raise them. I know if left out there, deformed one might not do as well. Going to rack my brain, see if I can come up with some kind of proteshises (know I slepped that wrong) or something to maybe train the beak to grow strait. Don't worry won't do anything dumb without research first. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I still love the little guy, don't want to give up on it. [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry about your little one. I'm a softy like you and try everything possible. Just a motherly piece of advice...when they have that many things wrong with them, there's a possibility s/he'll pass away sometime in the near future. It sounds like your chick has crossbeak and I don't believe there's anything that can be done for that, just so you know. Could you post a picture by any chance??
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    Jun 19, 2008
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    Oh no. I am sorry. Maybe this baby will defeat the odds, I certainly hope so.
  4. WRBH

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    Jul 13, 2008
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    I'll try and get a pic in the morning, put the two chicks under her an hour ago, going to go out at sunrise, looked it up online, and wait and just listen. Don't plan on letting her even know I am there if possible, that way can hear what goes on. Also have to get the deformed one out of there. Second egg has a good size hole in it, but hasn't hatched yet, think it might be waiting for light or something, not sure.Really hope Dove takes the two new ones, I can't risk leaving the baby out there, plus worried about second one as well. I want her to at least have 1 chick to raise, she has worked so hard. So please keep fingers crossed. Birdlover, Mom and I were talking about fact it might not liveg, agreed if it is just gone one day, we'll be happy for the time we had with it. We did have one hen I bought that was quite old, her beak was so crooked we named her crook. So know some can make it, hoping this one does.
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    I read another post you placed on another thread about your chick with deformities and that it hatched on day 19.

    Hatching on day 19 is two days early. Your temps must be running a degree or two high to cause this. The one degree on the high side hurried along the developement and caused the birth defects you are seeing.

    Get a new thermometer for your incubator. Not a cheap one. Expect to pay about $15 for a accurite brand. I think you will see the temp difference in your old and new thermometer.

    Sterelize your incubator well. Start fresh with the clean 'bator and the new thermometer.

    If t is from a hen setting the eggs you have genetic issues. The hen needs to be fed game bird feed and a vitamin supplement for at least 30 days before setting her eggs again. Diet plays a big role int the developement of a fertile egg. If the hen is eating only layer feed that isn't always enough to support healthy robust embryos.
  6. WRBH

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Williford, AR
    These eggs were bought online on Ebay, paid quite a bit for them. I feed all of mine a layers mesh, mixed with a little bit of the kind that has whole grains i it. Thanks for the info though.
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    Aug 22, 2007
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    I'm so sorry about your chick. Sounds like it has some major problems, and its never easy in a case like this. I'v been through this, just this week, and I made the decision to cull the little one. The other 3 chicks would not accept it, picking and pulling at it. I have a chicken that I raised from hatchiing, as an only chick. That's really not a good thing, either. Little Bit, the chicken, is crippled, and has other problems, back is crooked, etc. And, surprise, this past weekend, I suddenly realized that "she" is a "he." He is 22 weeks old now, and trying to mate my hens. I should have culled him as a chick, and now it is going to be very difficult. Good luck in your decision.
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    I'm done hatching any of my own eggs this yr, is why I bought some instead. Next year will make sure and do as you sugested, would hate for any of my own to hatch out like that. Thanks again Ya'll
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    Alabama_boy, that is a GREAT chart. Thank you for posting it!

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