Okay, they are 6 weeks old.....


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Nov 20, 2008
My chicks are going to be six weeks old in a few days. Is it time for them to go outside for good? I'm just so protective of them....I want to make sure everything will be alright!

What do I do if it gets cold during the night? Will they be okay? Is it normal that they are supposed to go outside even though they're still kinda little? Only two of them are starting to look like full grown chicks....the others waddles haven't even turned red yet...normal?

Sorry for all the annoying questions. Thanks for your help!!
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Aug 25, 2008
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I can answer with my experiences - we put ours out at 8 weeks, in a seperate brooder right next to the roost, so the others could get to know them while they feathered out and gained some size. We still continued the heat lamp until fully feathered out, and the integration when perfect.

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