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    Here is the latest I know about auctions and swaps.

    Please post any infornation that needs added to the list and I will update it.
    PM me with any info: Buckguy20

    Afton Swap Meet: Third weekend of the month and holiday weekends.

    Blanchard Auction: The second and fourth Saturday of each month. Poultry starts at 5:00 p.m.
    405-224-0289, 405-623-9293, or 405-919-6634

    Cement Auction: First Saturday of each month. 5 p.m.

    Chupps Auction (Inola) First Saturday each month. (Chuppsauction.com)
    Chouteau Auction (chouteauauction.com)
    Fridays at 6 p.m. dates vary

    Durant/Blue Auction: First and third Tuesday of the month 7 p.m.
    Non Poultry related items start selling at 6:00 p.m.

    Fletcher Poultry Auction
    The third Saturday of the month. 5:00 p.m.
    Also on the fifth Saturday in the months that have them. 5:00p.m.

    Idabel Auction
    First sale Sept. 19th, 6 p.m.
    Once a month
    Poultry and other animals.

    Jones stock auction----Thursday nights

    Joplin, Missouri Swap Meet first Saturday of each month.

    Lexington Auction: First Monday of each month. 7 p.m. 2 mi. east. 2mi south and one half mile east of Lexington.

    Mary's Swap Meet: Midwest City. Every Saturday and Sunday.

    Maud Auction: Every Thursday at 5 p.m. Misc. first. Goats at 7:00 with poultry following. (Updated 10-20-09

    Monroe Oklahoma Poultry Auction CALL-- 918-658-2378

    NOBLE AUCTION: Tuesday nights

    Perkins Auction: (Guy Rose poultry auction)
    Every Saturday at 9:30 a.m.
    Located about three miles north of Highway 33 on 177. Just south of Stillwater.

    Prague Exotic Auction: Every other month. Dates vary. 405-612-5856 and 405-612-5019.
    Friday and Saturday. Swap meet on Friday, auction on Saturday starting at 10 a.m.

    Yates Center Kansas. Three times per year. Huge sale.

    [​IMG] If you know of one please post it. If you know more details on some listed let me know.
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    Is the harrah auction still a go? I thought they closed.
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    Just got back from the Maud auction. Total waste of time and $3/gallon fuel.
    I called all morning and finally they answered at 4pm. I asked starting times. The lady said "we're open now". I asked when they started selling. I was told they started merchandise at 5:00, and goats at 7, followed by chickens.
    So I planned to arrive just before 7. I was running late due to the speedy service at Arby's and so I rolled into Maud at 7:10. My wife called and asked where they were located, and the only response was "we're done".
    Since I drove 2 hrs to get there I decided to find it anyway, and after driving a bit managed to locate it. It's North of town a bit.
    I went in and asked to speak to the auctioneer. I explained my concerns, and he was not really interested. He said there were just a few birds so after they finished selling groceries (his words, not mine) they anouned they would start back at 7. Somone in the crowd complained that they wanted to go home and to sell thing immediately, so they did. At 6:30 they were done for the night.
    I told him the person answering the phone was rude and unhelpfull and he said that was his wife.
    I let him know that I would not be back, and would notify others of their operating standards. He was pretty flippant as I walked out and told somone "looks like we'll have another empty chair" in a mocking manner.
    So there you have a 1st person review of the auction in Maud. Judge for yourself if you choose to visit.
    BTW, I attend auctions for a good part of my living. I have permanent bidder numbers a few auctioneers in multiple states.
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    Thanks for letting us know how that went. I'll say that was a pretty bad way to run something and it is awful how you were treated.

    I've been to the Cement auction twice now - the first time I bought two black-shouldered peahens, (but I've since been overjoyed to realize that one is a hen and the other a cock!). The next time (last Saturday), we sold some Dominique roosters and bought a pair of India Blue Peafowl, a trio of lavender guineas, and a pretty little pair of OE silver duckwing bantams! The folks are NICE and the auctioneer is a real character and makes the evening FUN!!

    So, tell me more of what you know and where to buy some new 'kids'! THANKS, KB
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    OK, how's about another review?

    Harrah Auction. Held at the Harrah Lumber and Feed. Just a bit of the main drag.
    Started outside with a few goats (at 5:00pm). They then sold some misc merchandise, though not too much. A few feeders, some barbless wire, and a dinette set. I went inside to stake out a chair. Since there appeared to be only about 60 chairs, I expected they would fill quickly. There were probably another 20 or so standing in the back.
    Prices on merchandise was low. I bought a hovabator forced air model 1590 fpr $25. There was a little giant that only made it to $20, and the owner wanted $25. The buyer agreed and the deal was made. There were some farm-related items sold, horse harness, guns, chainsaw, and a few toys.
    Then they sold Eggs. Eating eggs brough $3 for 18 count. Buyer took all 12. He only got 11 since one of the pit men dropped a dozen! Hatching eggs went for $2.75 for a dozen RIR.
    Then they sold quail, guinnies, and chickens. Adult roosters brought $2-4. Trios and quads of Black autralorps brought $19.50 per bird. Often the cage was sold seperately for just a couple of dollars.
    Adult hens seemed high, but given it was first of spring, folks were probably anxious to get production going.
    Not many pure birds. A good sized group of Buff Orps (sorry I missed the price). The only special birds were Carla's Spitzhaubens. Since she's a forum member, I'll withhold the price they sold for, but I did buy the last 2 of her six.

    Auction was run well. Clean, and honest. No apparent shill bidders, and there were only a couple of times the auctioneer mixed up who was winning bidder, but it may have been the pit man's fault too.

    Permanent bidder numbers were offered. Always nice to not have to re-register each time. There was 1 porta-potty provided, and it was clean (for a porta-potty).

    Overall impression was very good. Would like to have seen more birds, but that can fluctuate outside of auctioneer's control. They started on time. Terms were clear (are you buying all for 1 money, or x times the price, etc..)

    I will definately come back. It's a little down the road for me, but if I can make it happen I will. We were out the door around 7:30.

    Edit to add:
    Their phone number is 405-454-1188

    Edit again with update on 4/26/08
    Looks like I will have to change my opinion on the Harrah auction. They are now biweekly, which is fine. But now non-poultry items are getting to the point that I don't really care to go. This evening they started at 5, and it was 7:20 when they started selling eggs. There were lawnmowers, washing machines, microwaves, tools, tons of home decore, and things I would have personally just thrown in the trash. I was tired of waiting and went home. Which is unfortunate because there were birds I wanted to bid on. Specifically Carla's silkies. So since I went home, she likely got less for her birds.
    I watched a couple of debates over which bidder was actually the winner, a few times, they had to stop and ask who bought something, because they wrote down the wrong bidder number. To me that should NEVER happen. Granted most of the time I'm at auctions, it's a 4 digit number before the decimal, but the principle is that mistakes shouldn't happen. Their professionalism has been overtaken by what looks like amaturism. Do people attend auctions before they try to run them?
    Sad to say this auction went from very promising to disappointing in just a few months. At least I got to meet a couple of forum members before I stopped attending.
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    I'm on a roll so here's another:
    Chupps auction. www.chuppsauction.com
    Held west of Choteau on 412, 1st saturday of each month regardless of weather. Everyting can be found here. And I mean everything! I'll focus on the poultry.

    Animals start at 8:30. They are sold just inside the gate under a shelter. Animals are sold int he cage they are brought in, so you will see some pretty crude cages. Unfortunately, this means some birds are pretty rough by the time the auction starts. There are also a lot of children unsupervised, so they get poked, prodded, and fed who knows what. They are lined up, and the auctioneer (usually E.J, the owner) drives a golf cart up and down the isles calling the auction. This creates a VERY crowded situation. You WILL be run over if you don't move. You WILL be pushed and shoved if you are close enough to see what is acutally being sold, and want your bid noticed. Goats, pheasents, rabbits, and just about anything that will fit in a cage can be found. Bring food and water if you plan to buy as they rarely have it in the cage. Lots of variety and a good amount of pure bred (at least they are claimed to be) birds are there.
    Expect to stand in line about 30 minutes to get a bidder number (you can request a permanent number, but they usually won't give them out. Took me a year to get one.)
    If you wait until the end of the day to pay, expect as much as 2 hours in line to pay out.
    This is a very large auction, and I attend most months. You can buy the truck to drive home, the trailer to pull what you came in, a dog to keep you company, a spare tire, maybe even a motor, lunch, clothes, and a gun in case anyone makes fun of your managerie an the way home.

    Auction typically has 3-6 rings running. It's a real challenge to watch everything. Plan a full day. Photos are put up the 3 days before the auction. With that many auctioneers, it can be tough to give a fair representation of honesty. I find that either of the Chupp boys will run a fair ring. If there are Amish auctioneers helping, you will be treated fairly. It's the general public that's a problem here. Unsupervised children will handle, break, move, and generally destroy everything they can.

    As I said, I attend every month, but don't buy too many animals because I don't like being crushed by people. I would rather pay more from a breeder, or order in, than to fend off someone smoking in my face who just "wants to see what they are selling".

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    GoldRose, I go to the Cement auctions! I've got family there, and I'm friends with the people running it. They are nice, glad to hear someone else enjoys it. You probably saw me there, running all over the place. *ha* Glad you got the peafowl!

    JimD, sorry to hear you had a bad time with the Maude auction. I've always heard that there's hundreds of birds, and that it goes until the 1 or 2 in the morning.
  9. GoldRose

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    countyroad1330, Yep....I like that auction. I will go back:))))

    JimD Thanks for the updates. Makes it nice
    to know what is expected ahead of time!
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    Quote:EgH, I used to go to the Okmulgee auction some when I was visiting my parents. They sold the auction a little over a year ago and the new guy stopped having the junk and poultry auction. It is livestock now and only held at night.

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