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Feb 22, 2010
Essexville, Michigan
Hi everone, I am new to the forum but I'm sure to become a junkie...
We need to organize in OKC! Those in OKC wanting to get out of the underground please let me hear from you...I know you are out there! It will need an ammendment to the existing law, which will be easier than starting from scratch. We Need Numbers! Let's get to work on it. The starting point is the city already has an ordinance allowing chickens in the city limits on one acre, no rooster of course. This should be something we can amend. I will go to city hall and get the full skinny on it and find out when the ordinance was written. Has anyone started work on it yet? I've heard from one lady and she was trying to do something.
More on this when I have it, in the meantime, contact me if you are affected and we will see how big our chicken lovin group is!

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