Oklahome egg sales law?


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Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas
I have a friend near Tulsa that wants to sell fresh eggs at a farmers market. He is being told he has to get a food handlers permit, a chicken handlers permit, a state issued label, new cartons (not misprints). Does anyone know how he can sell fresh eggs at a farmers market without all the red tape?
Find a different Farmer's Market?

I am not familiar with Oklahoma state requirements, but most if these sound a lot more like local requirements than state. I could be wrong but he needs to find out where the requirements are coming from.
Seems to be the rules of the Oklahoma Department of Ag and the Tulsa City/County Health Department.

In Arkansas a small farm just has to sell in a refridgerated unit.
That does not say which are state and which are local. If they are state requirements, no way around it I can see. If they are local, try a different jurisdiction, but then your friend may not be able to sell at a local Farmer's Market out of jurisdiction. Many of them have the requirement that you live in a certain area and grow or produce it yourself.
Thanks. Found this on the link you provided.

§ 10-78. The sale of eggs
A. Oklahoma producers of eggs selling ungraded eggs from their own flock production are
exempt from this sub-article. Nothing in this sub-article shall prohibit the sale of eggs produced on
the farm and sold direct to the consumer. Eggs sold under this section shall be produced by hens
maintained on the farm from which the eggs are sold.
B. A producer may sell graded eggs if in compliance with this sub-article.
I know this thread is a couple of years old.
I was wondering if anybody had any new Info, I live on the Ks/OK border, live in Kansas and work in Oklahoma.
I have been selling eggs to friends at work and want to make sure I am doing everything legit.
Does anyone have any updated links?
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