Ol' Hawiian trick to sexing 3 week olds


Dances with Chickens
10 Years
Oct 12, 2009
Petaluma, Ca
Hey all and good evening! I heard the strangest thing tonight at work. One of my regulars is from Hawaii and used to host cock fights when she lived out there. I guess it's a big thing out there. Not so much here that I'm aware of and I personally wouldn't condone it but I digress. Anywho, I mentioned tonight that 3 of the 8 EE's I got recently ended up being roos. After this she mentioned that the way they sex them out there after 3 weeks if they haven't been sexed yet is by holding them by their heads and if the legs shoot straight down they are going to be a roo and if they pull their legs up and curl them into their body it's a pullet. She assured to me that this didn't hurt them. Has anyone ever heard of this? I wouldn't even know where to start with doing a search on this but I'm interested to know if this is common practice in some places.
That trick only works after the Summer Solstice.
another technique that works many times is lay the chick on its back in your hand, if it relaxes its a girl- it has worked for my BA and EE's, but i suspect it depends on the chicks personality

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