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  1. any here ever raised an olansk? I think their beautiful birds, and wanted to see if anyone has ever dealt with one. And if so, are they good birds, like friendly? good layer? cold tolerant..? and if you have any pictures?? i have a feeling hardly any one (IF anyone) will have one
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    Sep 6, 2011
    BC, Canada
    Never heard of them before. Searched them up on Feathersite and they had links to Greenfire Farms with some great photos.
  3. ya thats where i saw them XD i love them, they are beautiful
  4. Marty1876

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    Hi Cochin! [​IMG] Can you post a pic??? I'd love to see them.
  5. I don't have one [​IMG] But heres one from GreenFire farms!! [​IMG] [​IMG] sorry its so small, click on it to enlarge it
    Thats a pic of there roosters w/ a hen

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