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    My 4 year old black rock hen has always been a little broody but normally it only lasts a few days, this time however it's been nearly three weeks and she's barely eating or drinking. She lays very rarely now (every few weeks/months) due to her age but since she's been broody she's actually layed 2-3 eggs, which I'm confused about as I had read that hen's don't lay when they are broody. She also seems to have dropped down the ranks in the pecking order as she used to run the roost and is now being pushed around. Should I be worried about her or just let her continue?
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    If she's still laying she's not broody.
    She may be sick and hiding from the others due to her drop in rank.
    I'd isolate her and observe eating drinking pooping.
    Examine her crop a roost time then in morning before giving feed.
    Check her body good all over for anything amiss, like swollen belly, bugs etc.
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