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May 17, 2017
I have an old milk house converted to a chicken coop. 54.4 Sq Feet. With everything a chicken needs to live on the inside of it.Even the nest are inside.My run is around 19 foot square I have presently 4 Golden Buffs that are 4 years old.
Now my questions
I plan on getting 12 new chickens. 6 Rhode Island Reds and 6 Barred Plymouth Rocks soon. What should be the measurements for the hen house. I plan on putting the nest on the outside wall. So all I need to do is gather the eggs by lifting the top from outside and gathering the eggs from outside. This would make more room for the chickens inside. How much room should the inside be. So they are not cramped. So how big of a coop needs to be built. A contractor will be building it.. I know about the 4 square foot per chicken rule and bigger is better for them.. We have a U shaped driveway. This would have to be shaped like a rectangle to fit in the side yard inside the U.Inside the U it's approx 38 foot wide. I'm just asking for a ball park figure. As I suire the contractor will have his own ideas. His one idea previously was to get 13 foot trusses to start to build the frame. He quoated us a price of 5 thousand dollars. That would of been to big for us. Let alone the price. I could of had so many chicken eggs they would of been comming out my ears!This time we are either going ask him to revise our current coop to make it karger or cut down his idea


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4 square feet for the coop and 10 square feet per bird for the run is what everyone says.
For 12 birds you are looking at at least double the size you have now, for sure.
5000.00 is insanely high.
Please spend some time and look through these COOPS to get some ideas. Quite a few of the coop articles have material lists too, which you can price out at your local hardware store and I guarantee you will come in under 5000.


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The contractor needs to show you a drawing of what he plans to build.
At least width x length x height.
5K might not be too far off, paying for skilled labor is not cheap.

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