Old coop pictures, would love ideas to improve

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    May 6, 2011

    This was my old coop back in it's glory days. We've since moved and couldn't take the outdoor pen with us, the area to the right of the porch (it wrapped all around the back as well)

    So now I have the 10x16 coop. It has a 4x8 interior, 6x8 porch for human use (well, for looks I suppose) and the 10x8 pen with deck floor.

    DS cleaned it all out and bleach it for me for mother's day. It now needs to be painted (green to match our new house).

    The pen is chicken wire, which I hear is not a good idea for keeping predators out [​IMG] We never had a problem before, but I know that means nothing. No way could I talk DH into replacing it as it doesn't have any holes or anything. (I just feel like that would be asking too much of an already crazy busy man who isn't on board with the whole chicken thing to begin with) May just have to hope for the best until my little ones get older and I can get out there and replace it myself.

    Not sure what I'll do this time around as far as adding an outdoor pen. I'd like to, but maybe on a smaller scale this time. May try free ranging, but am terrified to loose to predators. Do hawks kill standard size chickens? (We lost my favorite bantam to a hawk before having the giant pen before, that't what inspired the pen)

    The interior part is old barn wood, so there are little spaces between the planks. Is this a problem as far as too drafty in the winter? Suggestions?

    The wood dek pen always kind of bugged me...I'd rather them have access to the earth, but it is what it is.

    Would love to hear any ideas for improving it!!

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