Old English Game Bantams are good for...?


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Okay, I admit it, I'm addicted to the little guys. There's just something about cute, tiny chickens running around the yard that I cannot resist. They make the best lawn ornaments! I love their Napoleon complexes and the high pitched crow of the little roos. My husband keeps asking me "What are they good for besides eating feed? They're too small to eat and their eggs are tiny." Not that I'm really interested in justifying why I have them (I'm a woman, do I really need a reason??), I tried giving him a few reasons why I think they're beneficial to the yard:

1. They're great foragers, so they eat a lot of bugs.
2. They fertilize the yard.
3. They make great alarm clocks.
4. They're great for diet breakfasts because the eggs are small.
5. They're more fun to watch than fish and just as relaxing.

What are your reasons you keep them?
And to that I'd say, "Why do you keep that darn dog?What's he good for? He eats too much, he doesn't lay any eggs, and his poop smells worse than chicken poop, not to mention, he throws up on the rug and his hair is all over the place!".

I don't have any OEGBs, but they are adorable and the hens seem to be excellent mothers!
You could always say something like, "So how many people do you know that have little tiny chickens running around in their yard? This makes us unique in our area." That's what I do with my DH about our peacocks.

I didn't even know what an OEGB was until a couple of weeks ago when we found one on the side of the road. Until then, I only had the big breeds like Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks and Buff Rocks and Golden Laced Wyandottes. Even when we found Tiny Tina Rosalita, I didn't know what she was until a couple of days ago when several of the fine folks on BYC helped us figure it out. As tiny as she is, she's stolen my heart totally and completely. So I don't blame you a bit for loving yours.

Good luck with your DH. If he persists, just tell him that it gives you and him something to do. What fun would life be without tiny little chickens in it??
Why, just think of all the money they're saving you by not needing another incubator! Why it's an outright discount how frugal they are! Unless he'd rather buy you that $600 cabinet bator, of course? *bat eyes sweetly here*
Heh heh, I say that about my Silkies! They're wonderful incubators. My OEGBs aren't really broody, but I have better luck with hatching them than I do my standards.

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