Old English


I am Batman
12 Years
Nov 12, 2009
I know shes a hen, and old English. I was wondering about variety. This is Austen, and she was the sweetest hen ever, I loved her to death, but she dissapeared from my flock.
Im going to get more old english, and I know thyere all propably really sweet, but I wanted another like her.


I think she might be a bb red, but Im not entirely sure. Oegs come in so many colors, there are a lot I dont know about. She was from Ideal Hatchery, so that narrows the selection down a little.
Looks like a BB red but I'm not positive. I have one and mine is also a darling. Her name is Sweetie Pie. She's sneaked off twice to set eggs and she is a terrific momma, too! I just love her! If you order more from Ideal, remember they'll be straight run. The OEGB roos are neat too, but boy are they scrappy and LOUD little stinkers!
Thanks. :] I thought that she may have gone broody too, so I waited before deciding she wasnt coming back. Its probably been four months or more since Ive seen her

From the one's Ideal sends, thats what I thought. I know theyre straight run, Austen and Jack (A silver duckwing) came in a weekly chick special thing. Sweetie Pie sounds cool. :] I love oegbs, but I dont like that to show them, theyve got to be dubbed.

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