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10 Years
May 26, 2009
Why on earth do people just pile there junk in the trees or other building?

When I first moved back to KS I cleanded up the barn and hauled off a truck load of garbage and junk.

Couple years later I had my newphew clean out the coop by my house but had him haul it to the old farm house (oops guess ranting about my self) didn't have a pick up at that time and didn't want to drive 20 miles to haul it off yes I am lazy too.

Yesterday I started cleaning up by the other coop that I am using a ton of old giant feeders waterers old screen old wood just a plain old big mess not to mention all the tree debris around it. I have started on the small stuff and someone else is coming to thin it out for firewood

Also I have 5 old crumbling building that need taken down plus the old house a bin that is not used and a broken cement tank filled with old wire
Been there done that. We hauled many loads of metal to the scrap yard. Getting paid for it was nice. We took down 3 buildings. Sometimes they are way beyond repair and are hazardous so the best bet is to take them down before someone get hurt. I guess people get older and then just realize that the next guy can deal with it all.
When we moved here I couldn't believe the state of the yard. We've cut, trimmed, and burned for 100s of hours in the past three summers. We are on 2 acres and I'd guess about .75 acres were wooded and overgrown. Oriental bittersweet was everywhere and about 10 trees were dead from it. We cut down all of the bittersweet and what's left is so sad - - - dead trees. Couldn't the previous owner see this was a problem?

All of the fallen branches were hauled to the back 40 and piled up. We started hauling all of that out and burning it so that critters would live there and come to the chicken and egg buffet in our coop.

We have a long to go. 20 years of neglect doesn't get cleaned up overnight.

To answer your question of "Why?" - - - my answer is that they are lazy and ignorant.
We have a good 7 years into our fixing up. We just did what was most important first. Like a new roof, insulating the attic, getting the junk out of the basement, cutting down trees that smothered the house, and picking up broken glass in the yard. I could go on...
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I know in some situations it is where people grew up in the depression and suffered some post traumatic stress disorder as a result. That is what I have theorized with my late Grandparents.

According to my neighbors, at my house, the 50ish head of household suffered from a "terrible bad case of lazy". I did insist they clean up all of the trash from under the porch before we purchased it.

Since then I found a use for just about all of the trash they left behind, guess from growing up with those grandparents. I made the realtor sale signs into eggs for sale signs. Piles of left over cedar home exterior wood was used for chicken houses. Rebar was cut and used as stakes, tin sheets were patched painted and made into roofing material, cinder blocks put in needed spots. Sort of proud of that.
my 6 acres is only pretty right by the house as my hands are full with gardening/chickening/horsing/etc... and husband(loosely used term) hauls junk away for $ and it ends up here for recycling(which I am not fond of but its his house too) he keeps it stacked by /in his sheds and we burn burnables and do not have trash service so as to why someone would leave a property such a mess(hidden) you don't know everything previous owners has dealt with. I do NOT spend much time doing mowing/thinning as its supposed to be my worser halfs job but.......anyhoo-trust me-if have to sell property I will be very busy!
Oh, feel free to vent. Just wait till you start the farmhouse renovations, done by FlyByNight Construction Company, Inc., the bizarre paint jobs done by what appears to be a charity group for the colorblind, and wrecking a $300 brush trimmer on a mess of electric fence wire hidden by overgrown blackberries.

The un-capped un-taped live house wiring cut wherever was convenient, that was a great discovery. The tenons cut off of the timber-framed structural beams was also fun.

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