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Apr 20, 2016
Victoria, BC
Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to purchase a two cabinet four tray style hatchrite (top and bottom compartments with two rows of rollers in each), $1k Canadian. Apparently rebuilt by an electrician for more than asking price, but hasn't been used since rebuild. What to look for when I go look at it? I should ask them to have it plugged in running so i can see it working I suppose. Anything else?

Alternatively I'm considering buying a new sportsman 1502. It is the exact capacity I need (all the chicks I can handle if I fill it every week). And new technology.

Also how would this size hatchrite be on electricity? And how many chicken eggs fit per "tray"? I would be looking to convert the bottom section to a hatcher, and fill the top section" gaps " in with the spare rollers from the bottom, to maximize the usable space.


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Apr 11, 2013
you had mentioned hatchrite and while they were great machines they're no longer made ...getting parts for them would be difficult at best.
A gqf sportsman works well...many times can be found on craigslist at a good used price.

James Willis

Oct 17, 2021
Here is mine, full of Muscovy eggs. Just did a hatch of some Icelandic chickens a few weeks ago.

The bottom drawer has been converted into a hatcher. You can see a Muscovy duckling peeking out in the lower left corner, plus a bunch of pipped eggs:

I am a software/computer hardware engineer, so I am writing some updated software for the thing to manage egg batches, monitor temp/humidity remotely, send me emails, Etc.

I now have manuals for this model, and can send one out via email to anyone that wants one - free. Caveat: The manual really sucks, and doesn't tell you a lot about how to fix it. I have it in PDF format, and it is small enough to email.

I can answer most questions and give you BYCers pointers on how to go about fixing one. I completely rebuilt mine. I've replaced many of the computer chips on the internal motherboard, all the belts, fan, humidfier and figured out how the old software worked.

I am very happy with mine - I bought it for about $200 and put another $150-200 into it in parts. Don't ask about how many hours of work though :)

Best regards,

Kevin G. McCoy

James Willis

Oct 17, 2021
I wood like the information you have on the HatchRite incubator you rebuild. I have one too every thing working but the motor for the turner’s and need bands for the rollers.

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