Old Hen Syndrome?

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    Hello, I posted last week about my RIR, lethargic and sore leg or foot. I am also interested in what happened with dw_618, since they were having a similar issue. While my RIR is no longer limping as much, she still sometimes seems a bit "lazy" or, well, old. Eyes closed and nodding off while laying down.

    She is about 28 weeks old, no eggs as of yet. No discharge, no breathing issues. appetite is very good, drinks water, poop normal. Is there such a thing as Old Hen Syndrome? She is eating layer feed with lysine, and lots of fresh veggies and yogurt daily with oyster shell topping. Scratch is also offered daily.

    Would vitamins help?

    I thought this might be contageous since my little white hen was limping a bit, but she's just fine, laying every day.

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