Old house, New coop...advice needed!!

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    May 8, 2009
    I want to re-do a "heritage" building for my "heritage chicken" coop!! I think originally it would have been a 2 story house for a very wealthy family as it has a cement foundation which was very rare around here for the time, and I found evidence of a stair case and also those thin strips of boarding that they used to make interior walls. In recent history I know it was used as a barn-evidence being all the cow manure, horse manure and old bales! lol
    So currently I have wired up the windows and applied some plywood "shutters" but I think i sieve (sp?) would keep out more water than the barn is seeming to!!
    Before everybody gets concerned for my chickens, they arnt in the leaky part!! lol only the ducks are living in it full time and I think they enjoy the drips a bit too much as I have caught them standing under the drips like a shower.
    We spent alot of time humming and hawwing over the decision to build a whole new building or try to restore this one...I've decided I really want to try to fix the "barn" and I think we can do it for almost the same amount of $ as it would cost to build a whole new building, PLUS it will be so much bigger than what we would be able to afford to do from scratch...
    So if there is anybody out there who has done a over-haul on a really old building to use as their coop, I would sure appreciate any input.... I am new to posting, but I will go take some pics and try to post them for you all to see [​IMG]
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