Old iranian Flower Hen (Golin)


10 Years
Jan 13, 2012
The iranian flower hen or golin is a traditional farmyard breed of chicken from centeral iran named lori , in north iran Gile , in iranian Azerbaijan Gulyamakh very old chichkens Thread in world and Middle East It came close to extinction.(The iran flower is believed to be an ancient breed.
Other names: morghe Golin (lori ) Gile morgh in gilan , Gulyamakh in iranian Azerbaijan
Use eggs, meat
Colors : The Golin Breeds is characterised by its millefleur plumage pattern. The base colour is variable, and may be black, blue, buff or red ,Blue ,
History :In Aristophanes's comedy The Birds (414 BC) a chicken is called "the Median bird", which points to an introduction from the East. Pictures of chickens are found on Greek red figure and black-figure pottery.
  • Male:
    Standard: 2.5–3 kg

  • Female: 2 -2.3 kg
  • The iranian Rare Poultry list >Old Black Azerbaijan (marandi )2.Azerbaijanian crested
  • 3.flower hen (golin) 4.deligoni very rare breeds 5.bushehri6.khazak iranian bantam very old breeds 6.pach gilan 7.buff mazandaran (zard kork)8.golpayegani 9.khorasani10.black isfahan reeds 11. jirofti 12.lari 13.Azerbaijan Bearded chicken 14.gardan lokht
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