Old Photos Kept Me Up All Night! (PIX)

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    Last night my husband was looking though some of his computer software CDs and found a couple of photo CDs from our vacations back in 2000 to 2003. I had lots of fun going through them and remembering the good times. He gave them to me about 8:00pm, and the next time I looked at the clock it was 5:00am!! I thought it was about midnight!
    One photo in particular just cracked me up. It was of my brother Herb and me. I had a new camera and had set up the timer to take our photos, but for some reason we weren't prepared when it went off.
    I found our expressions in the photo to be hysterical.
    When I showed the photo to my husband, he said "With those expressions, you two need to be standing in front of an old farmhouse with a pitchfork between you. Which gave me an idea..
    So after a bit of photo retouch, here it is..

    American Gothic Revisited


    What do you think?
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    Very funny!
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    [​IMG] That's a good one!!!!
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    That is outstanding! [​IMG]
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    Thats hilarious! Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]

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