Old Rooster Losing His Voice

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    We have a five-year old BO rooster who is losing his voice. He can't crow or make any noise without sounding hoarse. About a month or so ago, he had a bacterial infection. We gave his tetracycline, and he got over it in about two or three days. Now, he is acting perfectly fine, but he is very skinny (I've started hand-feeding him; he can eat on his own, but he tends to let his girls get what he's eating and then he doesn't eat much himself), and his voice is very hoarse and is getting worse quickly.
    He is acting fine, though, as if nothing was wrong.

    Could this be a side-effect of the medication? (he was on it, like the others, for two weeks, but he had a very large dose the first time because we hadn't figured out the dosage correctly)
    Could it be an effect of the bacterial infection? Or maybe, that comibined with his age?

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Hello! I personally would try giving him some Tylan in the drinking water. He may have some type of respiratory infection. Those things can really just sneak up on a chicken, and spread to your entire flock. You can put the Tylan powder right in their drinking water, and the whole flock can have it.

    Poor guy. It may be age too. Maybe feed him some boiled egg yolks for some extra protein as well.

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