Old Silkie Hen With Swollen Pupil?

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    Mar 29, 2009
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    Well, one of my old silkie hens has an eye issue?

    She's nearly 10 years old and is a well loved pet bird - I.E. even though she is a pain in the rump, we love her!
    She's got two families that love her, so she cannot die! Yet!
    Two weeks ago, her eyes looked swollen and we washed it out and it looked alright.
    About a week ago (while on an outing trip for a few days) we come back and WHAM!

    Full-blown eyeball?! We've been washing it out which helps, but since she's so fussy, we try not to stress her out too much.
    Though we check it everyday and it appears getting better, until the last day or two.

    I just checked it again, it seems our girl may be blind forever!
    It appears she has a clear film over her eye and her pupil seems to have enlarged?
    Her eyeball is about 2 1/2 times larger than the other.

    She's still eating and fussy, but the last day or two she's slowly stopped eating (she does have a pain in the rear cockeral chick who is asking for her everyyyyyyyyy attention).
    She's coming indoors again and is unhappy (she was a well-pampered pet who went feral and hasn't looked back!)

    None of birds have ever had this, she is separated except for her one lone chick (unless he pecked her eye?) so it should not be transmittable.
    No new birds, nothing.

    Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?
    Heading into town and wondering if anyone has any ideas?
    We've got a few ideas in mind and a few meds we've tried, but have done nothing.

    Let me know! [​IMG]

  2. donna1811

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Hi go to the pharmacy and buy a tube of golden eye. Ive used it on my chickens for months. If you can pull back her lower eyelid and spread a thin layer inside her eye all the better, but if not rub the cream all around the outside of her eye. You should find it heals up really quickly. Its for humans but its perfectly safe to use on your hen. Also put her on a course of herban for a week in her drinking water, this should help her pick up. Hope this helps

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