Older Baby Chick Fighting with All Other Baby Chicks


Jan 6, 2017
I have one chicken (thinking it is a rooster -- not 100% sure that the chicken is a rooster) that acts all "bossy" around all the other chickens and if one little chicken starts flying around (spreading their wings to run around the cages). There is enough room for the baby chicks to not feel crowded but overall the like to lay on top of each other and like to spend all their time together in the same location no matter if it is to drink or eat they do it at the same time. Overall, this one chicken was growing faster than everyone and is starting to get its tail feathers in before it other hatch mate (whom I am suspecting is a rooster too). The behavior is starting fights (never any really fighting going on) that end with a stand off until I either start talking to them about it or the one that was challenge just walks away because someone walks in-front of them. At first I though this behavior was normal for creating the pecking order but now it has come to a point that I do not think it is about the pecking order. Should I get rid of the one creating the problem of bossing everyone around or is there a way that I could correct it before I know if it is a rooster or a hen? (Need advise on how to handle that behavior)


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How many chicks do you have in how much space? How old are they? Is it actually causing physical harm to the other chicks?

So far I didn't see anything in your description that would indicate that this is anything other than play fighting.

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