older chick with bubbly eye Help Please see pic

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    I have a pullet (I think) that has little tiny bubbles at the bottom of her eyes, I thought she just had wierd eyes but its in both and at closer inspection seems to be little bubbles. They are white. Any thoughts on what it could be? Just read the sticky, she is an orpington, about 8 weeks old, eating normal, medicated chick starter, acting normal, will have to check on her droppings, noticed it about a week or so, but didnt realize it wasnt just her eyes, since its both of them. I havent done anything to her eyes to fix the problem, I dont know if I should try to wipe it off or? Thanks, Linda
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    it could be eye worms, get some vet rx, warm it up a bit and use a q-tip put the vet rx on it and push teh q-tip up through the top of the mouth you should see the vet rx and bubbles come out from the corners of the eye. wipe that way, do this about three times clean her eye with warm water on a cloth give her a break. repeat as needed.

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