Older Chicken Molts Perpetually


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Oct 25, 2020
Does anyone else have an older chicken who seems to not stop molting? Lacey is in the 10 year range. This year she began her molt around May, which is normal for her. She molts in patches so it takes her about 12 weeks to get through all of it. But his year she's replaced her neck feathers and some other areas twice and her rear end pin feathers, which never completely opened are now falling out. Tail feathers beginning to go again. Seems like she rotates areas and never finishes. She's been at it for 7 months. No dramatic bald patches. Just that feathers haven't stopped coming out. I've had her on protein feed since May to help with feather production. Both chickens are checked for lice and areas are dusted on regular basis as a preventative. She doesn't pick at herself. No wounds. She's the boss chicken so her companion never pecks at her. She's very happy, lively and healthy in all other regards so I haven't taken her to the vet just yet but she doesn't stop replacing feathers. Kind of reminds me of Cushing's disease in older horses where they keep growing hair so you have to body clip them. Could there be a feather production signal that isn't turning off? Some kind of senior chicken issue?


Dec 29, 2019
Wichita, Kansas
I’ve never experienced this, but I do remember one guy who said he had a girl who was molting nonstop.
I’ll see if I can find his info.
It was very interesting. Never could figure it out.

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